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Trump steps up attacks on Kamala Harris, keeps quiet about vice president

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stepped up his attacks on Vice President Kamala Harris at a rally near Miami on Tuesday (9), trying to discredit her as the Democratic Party debates whether President Joe Biden should remain in the race.

Speaking at his golf club in Doral, Florida, Trump did not discuss his planned choice for a running mate, although he repeatedly mentioned Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who was in attendance and is a leading candidate.

Taking the stage nearly an hour late on a warm night, Trump criticized Biden, 81, over his shaky performance in the June 27 debate, which has sparked concerns about his mental fitness for office and calls from some Democrats for him to step aside.

Biden said he had a bad night and will not drop out of the presidential race.

Trump mockingly called Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris, the first Black woman vice president, his “one brilliant decision,” suggesting she is so inept that Democrats are reluctant to replace Biden with her at the top of the ticket.

“It was an insurance policy, maybe the best insurance policy I’ve ever seen,” Trump said. “If Joe had picked someone even remotely competent, they would have thrown him out of office years ago.”

Trump also accused Harris, a former U.S. senator and California attorney general, of working with other Democrats to cover up Biden’s alleged mental acuity issues. The president has said he has the stamina and mental acuity needed for the job.

Trump also said Harris’s record would hurt her election chances, the latest sign that he and his Republican allies are launching an all-out assault on her to prepare for the possibility that Biden could end her reelection bid.

“I don’t think Kamala Harris’ California socialism is going to go over well with the people of Doral, the people of Miami or the people of Florida. Because in Florida we don’t like socialism, we want our freedom,” Trump said.

Biden’s campaign accused Trump of lying about Harris and said he was trying to divert growing attention from Project 2025, a conservative group’s controversial plans for the presidency if Trump wins the Nov. 5 election.

“Trump’s bizarre and unhinged speeches will not stop Vice President Harris from defending the Biden-Harris record and presenting Donald Trump’s extreme record,” Biden campaign spokesman Ammar Moussa said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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