Trump (still) maintains the suspense over a new candidacy

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Flirting with a new presidential candidacy in 2024, Donald Trump, banned from social networks, gave, Saturday, June 5, his first televised speech in months. The former tenant of the White House warned in particular that the “survival of America” ​​depended on a Republican victory in the parliamentary elections in 2022. If the former US president has found his campaign music, the tone was more posed, content, in front of some 1,200 guests at the convention of the Republican Party of North Carolina, than during its famous large meetings.

In a flowing speech of about an hour and a half in Greenville, in the southeastern United States, the 74-year-old billionaire once again touched on the idea of ​​a new candidacy in 2024, “one year that I look forward to, ”he said, to the applause.

Donald Trump also repeated his unfounded allegations of massive electoral fraud during the presidential election in November 2020. “This election will go down in history as the greatest crime of the century,” said the man who has still not explicitly recognized the victory of his Democratic successor, Joe Biden, nearly five months after leaving the White House. Banned from social networks since the murderous assault on the Capitol on January 6 by his supporters, who denounced the “theft” of the election, the billionaire had not given a televised speech since February.

The start of Joe Biden’s tenure widely criticized

Despite this silence, he remains as influential among Republicans as ever and, posing as a kingmaker, distributes, through daily press releases, his electoral support for the parliamentary elections of the “midterms” of November 2022, while criticizing his political enemies. . “America’s survival depends on our ability to elect Republicans at all levels, starting midterms next year,” he said.

Pointing out illegal immigration “at record levels”, “our companies plundered by foreign cyberattacks”, the price of gasoline “which explodes”, Donald Trump has painted a calamitous image of the start of Joe Biden’s mandate. “America is despised and humiliated on the world stage,” bows “to China,” he accused.

The 45th President of the United States has also taken up other major popular topics among Republicans, such as the defense of the right to bear arms, the supposed “indoctrination” of schoolchildren in public schools where there is talk of racism, causing applause. The public, however, remained silent when they said they were “very proud” to have bought “billions of dollars of this vaccine before we even knew it worked.””We have saved millions and millions of lives,” he insisted, without eliciting a reaction, while the United States has the heaviest toll in the world, with nearly 600,000 deaths from Covid-19. The real estate mogul also denounced the “prosecutors of the radical left in New York”, while a grand jury was set up there in May to determine the charges that could weigh against him or his group.

An electoral advantage in view of the “midterms”

Despite the trauma of the attack on Capitol Hill and its theory, repeatedly dismantled by the courts, of electoral fraud, few Republicans have distanced themselves from Donald Trump. Many still see him as a valuable asset to the “midterms”, during which they hope to regain control of Congress. An unprecedented influence for an American president who was defeated after a single term.

The grim record of the pandemic under his tenure and “a dangerous speech is apparently not enough for Republicans to break with a losing president,” tackled a spokesman for the Democratic Party, Ammar Moussa. Accused by the House of Representatives of “inciting insurgency” in the assault on Capitol Hill, Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate in February after a second impeachment trial, for lack of sufficient votes on the Republican side.

Provocative, Donald Trump had let go on Friday that “the next time” he would be in the White House, he would not invite the boss of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, outraged at having been suspended on the social network for two years. Also banned from Twitter, the former president again pinned the boss of Facebook on Saturday: “We cannot let this kind of individual lead our country.”

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