Truth be told, these are the beauty gifts you would keep for yourself

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Among the most popular gift ideas for friends, for sweet halves, for mothers and, why not, even for ourselves, beauty products promise not to disappoint. Especially if you choose those that we can consider real jewels of cosmetics, beauty and personal care and that when we choose for someone make us think: «I would almost keep it for myself».

To make a beauty product break through the hearts of those who receive it, you need to focus on something special, original, unpublished, or on those products that require a waiting list to get them. Something that is good not only for the beauty of the physical aspect but also for beauty in the broad sense, style, soul, sense of satisfaction and exclusivity. The make-up, for example, it attracts us not only because it promises us thick eyelashes, plump lips and rosy cheeks with a Heidi look: the much desired are real cult objects, accessories that complete a look, treasures to be handled with care and gazed upon. in the packaging to feel more beautiful, even just by looking at them. Otherwise there would be no need to study always new and captivating designs and decorations for eye shadow palettes, blushes, blushes, lipsticks, perfumes and so on, don’t you think?

So if you really want to make a gift that leaves its mark and if you want that mark not just the eyeliner line on the eye rim, so to speak, then let yourself be inspired by everything that makes beauty a broad aesthetic experience. spectrum.

Beauty consultancy to find the right gift

Those who prefer to have advice from experts in the sector, can resort to the many websites, apps and tailor-made services that help choose the ideal perfume, lipstick, blush or palette to give, both to others and to ourselves.
Many applications for smartphones and tablets dedicated to consultancy and specialized shopping also offer the availability of a personal shopper who will discover the most suitable cosmetics for the person and personality, with an eye always focused on the latest news and trends.

The first app with the service also dedicated to deaf users

A nice and good novelty this year, literally, is the new functionality of My Beauty Whisper, the free, personalized and user friendly digital beauty consultancy application that has just launched the service that uses the Italian Sign Language (LIS ). Thanks to this important upgrade, the app becomes the first and for now the only one to offer a dedicated service even to deaf users.

The new feature is called Beauty Expert and offers the possibility of making video calls to better use communication based on the Italian Sign Language, also implementing human contact.

«My Beauty Whisper was born with the aim of giving everyone the opportunity for a beauty consultancy and the joy of realizing their beauty dream. After a year of life and having conquered over 55,000 users, we are proud to have broken down an important language barrier to reach and communicate with a new community, showing all the services they can use for free. This is a further step towards the inclusive approach that we want to implement, improving every aspect every day, to make My Beauty Whisper even more welcoming in this pre-Christmas period ”, said Mario Conti, Founder and CEO of Adamis Group.

Make-up, skincare, fragrances or haircare? To avoid doubts about what your best friend may like, first of all follow your instincts. Another good tip for making no mistake is also to opt for something that you would like yourself. Maybe by clicking twice on the «add product» button or by placing two pieces in the (physical) cart, to make two people happy with a single gift: best friend number one and best friend number two. The two is the friend mentioned above, while in the first place we are always ourselves (so let’s pamper ourselves with some self-gifts).

Make-up, skincare, fragrances, haircare or dermo-cosmetics and hair, yes hair! To help you choose the most suitable gift idea, we have selected many beauty products for you that will be a joy to unpack on December 25th.


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