Tsavousoglou: We are taking measures against Greece

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The tension against Greece is escalated by Turkey, with Mevlüt Tsavousoglou to make new provocative statements.

«We take action against any attempt to breach our continental shelf. The last time Greece entered our continental shelf for 1 km (northeast of Crete), we announced NAVTEX and issued the necessary warnings. When they were expelled from there, they wanted to enter again, this time from Cyprus, but they were treated the same there.

They are constantly protesting for Turkey in the international community. I do not know what the benefit of this is. “Maybe domestic politics,” she said Turkey at the joint press conference with his Venezuelan counterpart.

Shots also against the USA

The United States has not escaped Tsavousoglu’s fire either, following Biden’s letter to Congress, according to which “Turkey’s presence in Syria threatens the United States.”

«Instead of blaming Turkey, the US should abandon its own wrong policies. They also need to be more honest with the American people and Congress.

This letter was a copy-paste letter. The US government has used these phrases in the past. The US government does not tell the truth when it sends letters or gives information to Congress. They know very well that there is no difference between the PKK and the YPG. They support this terrorist organization. “This is a crime under US law.”

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