Tsavousoglu in Blinken: US should find balance in its policies towards Greece and Turkey

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Meeting with his American counterpart Anthony Blinken had today Wednesday o Mevlüt Tsavousogluin which he complained about the “balances lost in the issues of Turkey, Greece and Cyprus”.

To be precise, o Turk Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said during their conversation that the necessary messages will be given regarding Turkey’s concerns on security in relation to the candidacies of Sweden and Finland for NATO membership.

In an interview with Turkish media, Tsavousoglu also said he had told his US counterpart that the United States should find a balance in its policies towards Greece and Turkey.

The Turkish Foreign Minister stressed that “In our meeting today I told Blinken that they always kept the balance in the issues of Cyprus, Turkey and Greece. I told him that lately, they have lost that balance. He himself told me that they will keep the balance. “The United States must be in favor of the law.”

And he continued: “no matter how much someone applauds, wherever they applaud him, the Greek Cypriots are the ones who deny the solution of the Cyprus problem. It does not matter to us who was applauded. Whoever speaks in Congress is applauded, in fact it often happens. We saw this when we went to the NATO Summit. This is a tradition. We do not have anything to bother us with».

Washington ‘convinced’ of possibility of ‘answering Turkey’s concerns’

The United States is “convinced that Sweden and Finland will have an effective accession process (to NATO) and that it is possible to address Turkey’s concerns,” the White House said today.

Recalling that Washington holds talks with Ankara threatening to block Scandinavian accession“We are very optimistic about what will happen next,” said Jake Sullivan, President Joe Biden’s national security adviser.

Top national security officials of their president USA Joe Biden “unanimously” supported the efforts of Finland and Sweden to join NATO, considering them strong military partners, said Jake Sullivan.

“Unanimously,” Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said, adding that the group “supported the accession of Finland and Sweden to the NATO alliance on the grounds that they have already proven to be very capable security partners.”

Source: News Beast


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