Tunisia: Protests against police violence are episodic

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Young people and police clashed in Tunisia, hours after a demonstration against the government and police violence, on the occasion of the recent death of a young man at the hands of police.

Dozens of youths fired shots at police, who responded with tear gas and batons near a police station in the popular district of Sidi Hashin, a French news agency reported.

The last few nights have been marked by incidents following the suspicious death of Ahmed bin Amar, a resident of the neighborhood, following his arrest.

Earlier in the day, hundreds of Tunisian left-wing activists and residents of popular neighborhoods protested in front of the Interior Ministry, holding placards with slogans such as “Who will protect us from the police?” or “save a life – judge a police officer”.

Among them are the mothers of three young people who lost their lives in the last three years after their arrest, who demand that “justice” be done for their children.

Protesters threw chairs at police in front of Bourguiba Avenue in central Tunis shortly after the mobilization began. Many were taken care of.

“Our young people are risking their lives, trying to immigrate to Europe by boat, because the school is of no value anymore, health is in the same mess, the police are doing whatever they want” and “fear for the future prevails”. said angrily a teacher who participated in the mobilization.

Ahmed bin Amar’s family complains that police beat him to death. The case is being investigated. The interior ministry denied on Thursday, however, that he had died from ill-treatment.

A video that has gone viral among Tunisian social media users shows a minor arrested Wednesday on the sidelines of a funeral after being completely stripped and thrown down and beaten before being taken to a police car by men apparently police officers. with politics. The video intensified the rage.

A second investigation is being carried out into this incident, in order to determine whether there are “responsibilities” for the “abuses” in the “intervention” of the police, the Ministry of Interior assures.

More than ten years after the fall of the police regime of Zine el Abidine Bin Ali, the security forces may no longer be safe, but few reforms have taken place. Their abuses rarely end up in the courtroom.

Prime Minister Hisham Masisi, backed by the Islamist Ennahda movement, is currently caretaker Interior Minister.

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