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Turin, in northern Italy, gains a chocolate and gianduia museum

The city of Turin in northern Italy, gained a museum dedicated to chocolate and gianduia . O Choco Story Turin occupies the old shop’s workshop Pfatisch one of the most famous in the country and which helped to spread and elevate chocolate throughout the region.

The store is still open and offers bars, spreads, bonbons and chocolates such as gianduiotto, typical of Turin. The museum has more than 700 objects among sugar processing tools, cups and packaging from Piedmontese chocolatiers.

The tour focuses on the origins of cocoa cultivation and the first recipes of the Mayans and Aztecs, as well as exploring its importation into Europe and the birth of the chocolate-making tradition in Turin and the Piedmont region.

Interactive rooms and experiences

Visitors are first taken to a room dedicated to the discovery and development of cocoa cultivation. The ingredient’s journey to Europe is also documented, as is an interactive globe that charts the evolution of the global chocolate market, the existing varieties of cocoa and their countries of origin.

Chocolate’s connection with Turin is also highlighted in a room that refers to the Savoy family, who encouraged it in the region as early as the 16th century. Another room is dedicated to gianduiotto one of the first wrapped chocolates known to exist and typical of Turin.

Old chocolate production machinery used since 1921 can also be seen and is still in operation today. Finally, visitors can watch master chocolatiers at work behind glass windows. Installations, educational multimedia games and films that tell the history of chocolate in the region complete the attractions.

Source: CNN Brasil

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