Turin, InTessere is inaugurated, the popular tailoring for women who want to be reborn

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S anaa, Joy, Josephine. They are the first three women who will work in the Abele Group’s InTessere popular tailoring, a project financed by the Enrico Eandi Foundation and thanks to a crowdfunding on Produzioni dal Basso, which will be inaugurated inside the Drop House, day center of Barriera for women in conditions of collaboration, in Turin. Sanaa, Joy, Josephine are three very different women, who share a complex and difficult past, as well as the desire to rebuild a life and make it alone.

Sanaa, in Arabic, means “shining”. He has a son named Adam and he has been in Italy since 2007, the only one of nine brothers and sisters to have decided to leave Morocco. Ten years later he met the Abele Group: thanks to the Drop House operators, he was able to study Italian and find work, even if it was always temporary.

Joy came from Nigeria in 2003, across the sea. He was 18 and had a strong desire to improve his life, but he ran into a lot of difficulties and had to appeal to all his strength. It’s been 18 years since then, and today Joy has a partner, two children and a lot of dreams to fulfill.

Also Josephine was born in Nigeria, but left her homeland 21 years ago and his family in search of a new existence, simpler and richer in possibilities.

There is another thing that Sanaa, Joy and Josephine they have in common: a passion for fashion: Sanaa has always been sewing, Joy has created in Italy a brand that blends African and European styles and which bears the names of her children (“Frieda & Floyd”) and Josephine, who attended a three-year sewing course in Nigeria, has been manufacturing for some time wedding dresses for compatriots in Italy.

Thanks to the InTessere project they had the opportunity to attend a professional tailoring course conducted by Silvia Maiorana, Turin stylist: planning, more drawing, more realization.

E Friday 3 December, during a evening-event with Don Luigi Ciotti and Enrica Tesio, at the Fabbrica delle “e” in corso Trapani (the headquarters of the Abele Group) Sanaa, Joy and Josephine will present «their» popular tailoring, which is about to officially open. But which in recent months has already established an important collaboration with Rai Fiction: Drop House creates the set of sheets / pillowcases / sheets used to “restore life” to the Molinette hospital as it was at the end of the sixties in the fiction “Hearts”, broadcast on Rai Uno and directed by Riccardo Donna.

The most important moment of the event, which also includes an ethnic aperitif, will be theauction, during which the first three InTessere brand items will be auctioned. The dresses, unique pieces, have been conceived, designed and made by women with quality materials. The cost of the event is 20 euros, which will be used to support the activities of the Drop House.

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