Turk accused of beating his mistress in a video call with his wife to forgive him

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The attack of an unfaithful man on Turkey, who allegedly beat her savagely mistress until the young woman loses consciousness. And this during the video call with his wife, in an attempt to apologize for his infidelity, as broadcast by the Sun.

The attack took place when 24-year-old Beyza Yurttas learned that her friend Bulent Yuksek was married and so she divorced him. However, his wife had already found out about their relationship and Bulent devised a plan: to beat his ex-girlfriend to apologize in this way to his wife.

Speaking to Newsflash, Beyza said she was shocked to learn that he was married and immediately ended their relationship. “I would move to another city on the day of the incident. “He called me and told me he wanted to see me one last time,” he explained.

They agreed to meet in the Alanya area of ​​Antalya on the night of March 31st.

“I do not know why but I agreed to go. But when we met, he dragged me to his car and locked the doors. He started hitting me. “He hit me again and again,” he says.

As he also mentions, he then made a video call to his wife so she could see what he was doing. “Do you like it, my love?”, The man allegedly asked his wife while he was beating her.

According to Beyza, instead of telling him to stop, the woman in the video call replied: “I’m going crazy! Hit her again! Hit it for me now. “

The bad beaten woman says the “shocking experience” terrified her. She was taken to hospital, but as if what she had experienced was not enough, her ex was soon interrogated by the police and then released.

She was afraid for her life and so she shared photos of her abuse on social media. “Please HELP ME. I do not want to end up like the other women who are killed by men. “I do not want to die, please,” he wrote.

Her posts went viral and an arrest warrant was issued, with the man in custody, according to the article.


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