Turkey: A woman was killed in an armed attack on the offices of a pro-Kurdish party

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An employee of her main pro-Kurdish party Turkey, of HDP, was killed today in an attack by an armed man against his offices in Smyrna (west), the party said today. “An assailant armed with a rifle attacked our offices in Izmir,” the party said in a statement posted on Twitter. “Our colleague, Denise Poiraz, was killed in that attack. ” The office of the governor of Izmir stated that the perpetrator of the attack, “a health official who had been fired”, was arrested, reports APE.

The HDP has accused the government and the ruling party, the AKP of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, of being the “Instigators of this savage attack” because of the rhetorical violence against the pro-Kurdish party, the operation of which they are trying to ban through justice. “They killed my daughter,” the victim’s mother said in a video posted on Twitter by the HDP, which called for protests against the attack in Izmir and Istanbul.

Turkey’s Constitutional Court delayed hearing a request for a ban on the HDP, which is accused of “terrorist activities due to procedural omissions”, in late March, returning the file to the prosecutor for more information. A new indictment was filed in June in court, which is expected to hear it in the coming days. The country’s third-largest party, the HDP, called the ban a “political coup”. A black sheep for President Erdogan, the HDP has been the subject of relentless repression since 2016, the year its charismatic leader, Selahattin Demirtas, was imprisoned despite European protests.

The head of the Turkish state regularly accuses HDP is the “political showcase” of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) characterized as a terrorist organization by Ankara and its western allies and has been carrying out a rebel against the Turkish state in the southeastern part of the country since 1984.

Criticism of the HDP has doubled in intensity following the failed Turkish military operation to rescue 13 hostages taken by the PKK in Iraq and all of whom died in mid-February. The HDP, which vehemently denies allegations of terrorist activity, says it is being persecuted for its opposition to Erdogan.

The call to shut down the HDP has raised Western concerns about human rights in Turkey as Ankara seeks to defuse tensions with the United States and Turkey.

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