Turkey: Baby milk locked in supermarkets – Desperate citizens burst into tears

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The wounds are being measured by the citizens of Turkey with the economic situation becoming even worse as time goes on. The value of the Turkish lira is constantly declining and the basic salary is reduced.

As SKAI’s correspondent in Turkey Manolis Kostidis reported on Friday morning (12/11), the dollar reached 10 pounds and while the basic salary had previously reached 450 to 460 euros, it has now been reduced to 250 euros. “50% of workers in Turkey receive a basic salary when they have three, four or more children in the family and this problem is exacerbated by refugees,” he added.

According to the same information, its value is particularly worrying Turkish lira sinks daily as during the year devaluation reached 25%, and from November to November was 35%. At the same time the government does not take initiatives, instead reduces interest rates while they must be increased with the Turkish president having already changed 4 governors.

“They lock the baby milk in the supermarkets”

Republican People’s Party MP Chetin Arik made a complaint about the situation in the supermarkets. As he even pointed out baby milk is locked in supermarkets, something that has not happened again, despite the fact that Turkey has gone through financial difficulties again. “This key is the shame of your government” pointed out Arik.

«It is impossible to survive on the basic salary. The natural gas 500 pounds, put electricity 250 pounds, water, internet mobile. We get to the point without eating to have a deficit. We have two children, diapers. No, it can not be done. “And 6,000 and 7,000 pounds to give a basic salary is to sit at home and watch TV,” said a Turkish citizen.

“I have a son in the 2nd Lyceum. These are days when I can not give my son a pocket money of 10 pounds. “I can not give what my children ask for,” said another, weeping for a journalist.

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