Turkey: buys fourth drilling rig from South Korea – Revelations from Turkish media

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The “hands” with South Korea for the purchase of a fourth drilling rig are ready to give Turkey as revealed by the Turkish media. Yeni Safak newspaper gives details about the upcoming market while pointing out that our neighboring country intends to drill in the Black Sea.

According to the SKAI report, citing Yeni Safak’s article, Ankara was also discussing with a Norwegian company the purchase of a drilling rig, which did not go ahead as the company was worried about any problems that would arise if the country used it to drill in Me.

So Turkey eventually turned to the South Koreans to buy the alleged 7th generation ship, who according to the report have no problem if the drilling rig directed to the Black Sea or the Mediterranean.

Yeni Safak points out, among other things, that Turkey intends to drill in the Black Sea for natural gas, but in case Greece and the Greek Cypriots increase the “tension” and the “harassment”, then it will direct its ships to the Eastern Mediterranean.

SKAI correspondent in Turkey Manolis Kostidis pointed out characteristically speaking on the television station on Tuesday morning (9/11) that any drilling movement to the Eastern Mediterranean will not be aimed at exploration and deposits, but will be in response to the movements of Athens and Nicosia in the region.

Annoyed by the Turkish media for the American presence in Alexandroupolis

At the same time, the articles in the Turkish Media, which express the discomfort for the strengthening of US presence in Alexandroupolis.

These posts speak for themselves for a “message” of Greeks and Americans to Ankara while at the same time repeating the narrative of a “Turkish” minority in Thrace.

“In fact, these areas are very important here. Xanthi and Alexandroupolis, in front of the nose of Turkey, on the border. There are reports that the US is making a large transfer of forces to Xanthi and Alexandroupolis. They send tanks, fighters, ships. There is a concentration of forces here. There were already US forces in the area and now their presence is growing. There are already reports of 200 tanks being sent. As in Xanthi, where there is a dense “Turkish” minority, the United States and Greece conduct joint exercises. “There is a clear message here in Turkey,” TGRT Haber reported.

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