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Turkey denounces Greece to NATO for the S-300 – Ankara pulls the strings

Turkey denounces Greece to NATO for the S-300 – Ankara pulls the strings

Ankara is advancing a new challenge, wanting to give dimension to the alleged use of the Greek S-300 by Athens, against Turkish F-16 fighters over the Aegean.

As reported by Anadolu, Turkey will submit data to NATO, which according to the Turkish sources, prove the “harassment of Turkish fighters by Greek S-300”.

“We wonder how America itself will react to the activation of the S-300”

The specific issue was also mentioned yesterday by Erdogan, who characterized the “locking” of the Turkish F-16s by the S-300 as a hostile action.

“Greece is not our equal interlocutor. Recent developments have revealed the truth to everyone. The Russian S-300 “locked” our aircraft. This is a hostile action. Especially if this aircraft is carrying out a NATO mission, this means hostile behavior towards NATO. In fact, they provoked NATO and the allies, not us,” Erdogan said characteristically.

Continuing the rant, he said that “Turkey has done, is doing and will do whatever suits it. Let everyone know this. Greece’s establishment of bases on the islands will never make sense for Turkey. Those who give so much support to Greece will they need to think about that.”

Greece denies

Sources of the Greek Ministry of Defense, as well as military sources, categorically deny the Turkish leaks about the entrapment of Turkish fighters by the Greek S-300.

They attribute the Turkish claims to Ankara’s propaganda and the attempt to cultivate impressions at home and abroad.


Source: Capital