Turkey: Dog shot and killed its 32-year-old owner – How the tragedy happened

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One had a tragic end from his own dog Turk hunter, Ozgur Gevrekoglu when he was hunting game with his friends on the Kizlan Plateau in Samsudas Province over the Thanksgiving weekend, Newsflash reports. While the hunting trip unfolded without problems at first, the fateful thing happened when Mr hunter he was packing his things to leave.

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Gevrekoglou allegedly went to set him up dog in the trunk of the car, when his foot accidentally touched the trigger of the loaded carbine he had left behind, causing the gun to fire and kill him.

The 32-year-old was rushed to Alacam State Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. His body was then taken to the state capital Samsuda for autopsy, while the details of his death are being investigated. Even more tragic that the unfortunate man met his death only 10 days after he had become a father. Some Turkish media claim that Gevrekoglu was murdered and the excuse with the dog was just one masking, said the New York Post.

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However, so far, the researchers they have found no evidence of criminal activity.

Source: News Beast

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