Turkey: Fire burns the Milas thermal power plant

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THE fire threatening a thermal power plant in the south Turkey, which had been brought under control earlier, re-ignited on Wednesday afternoon (4/8) and, according to the mayor of Milas, Muhammad Tokat, has now entered the premises of the unit.

This fire had surrounded the thermal power plant. It had been brought under control by two Spanish firefighting aircraft and helicopters tons of water in the forested hills and the neighboring residential areas. But the flames were rekindled tonight, as broadcast by APE BPE.

The mayor of Milas, who comes from the opposition Republican People’s Party, said the hydrogen tanks used to cool the station have been emptied and filled them with water, for precautionary reasons.

He wrote on Twitter: “Please and warn you for days. The fire surrounded the station. “We are asking for a firefighting aircraft to arrive urgently,” he wrote.

On Wednesday night, the official announced that the forest fire spread inside the city thermal power plant.

“The flames entered the thermal power plant”, wrote Muhammad Tokat, clarifying, again, that this unit has been evacuated fully.

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