Turkey: Kurdish family murdered inside her home – Racist motives ‘seen’ by her lawyer

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Seven people, all members of the same family Kurdish, were killed today in an armed attack on their home in Konya (Konya), a crime that human rights defenders characterize as racist.

The seven members of the Denteoglu family were killed by gunmen who then tried to burn down their house. Turkish media.

Members of this family were seriously injured in another attack in May, which was carried out by their neighbors who threatened that “they would not let the Kurds live there”. The complaint was made in mid-July on the Gazete Duvar news site by a member of the family who was killed today. The man had complained about the mild treatment of the perpetrators by the police and judges, stressing that all his relatives feared for their lives.

According to the victims’ lawyer, Abdurrahman Karabulut, the release of the perpetrators of the first attack gave them a sense of impunity. “It simply came to our notice then racist “(…) Justice and the authorities have their own responsibility for what happened,” Karabulut told Arti TV.

«We were watching this case. The youngest member of the family who had said he was very scaredWrote on Twitter Eren Keskin, vice president of the Human Rights Association.

This is the second deadly attack on Kurds in the area in a month. On July 21, a Kurdish villager was killed in a nearby village. His perpetrators had said earlier that they “do not want the Kurds”, according to statements by relatives in the local media. The prefecture denied the racist nature of the crime, arguing that the cause was a controversy when the victim’s herd entered the fields of another village.

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