Turkey: Opposition Trolls Erdogan with… Squid Game

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In an imaginative video, which has gone viral, the opposition in Turkey trolls the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, displaying his earlier speech in… Squid Game, the popular series that has caused a frenzy.

Specifically, the Turkish Labor Party has created and published a video, in which, according to sigmalive.com, it shows an earlier speech by Erdogan accusing other governments of ruining the country to show that he did the same things he once did. he himself has brought the country into a miserable mess.

Today, if my citizen in Anatolia picks up food from the garbage, picks up garbage from the markets, if in the squares he shouts “I’m hungry”, if they can not pay the rent and the electricity and water, if 50% is below “The poverty line is the fault of the current government,” Erdogan said in the video.

He put them on social media

Speaking to the media forum, the Turkish president attacked social media, saying that they were threatening democracy.

In particular, he said that “Today, social media channels threaten both democracy, social peace and the national security of states.”

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