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Turkey: Serious bus accident in Istanbul – Passengers were literally thrown into the air

Serious traffic accident noted in Turkey with one bus driver losing control and the vehicle sliding backwards on an uphill road. The result was that it fell on a power pole and then ended up on a plot of land. The traffic accident resulted in five injuries.

Video captured the shocking moment and shows passengers being thrown from one side to the other.

Specifically, the security cameras inside the bus recorded what happened in last Tuesday’s incident in the Basaksehir area in the Istanbul region. The footage shows the passengers unable to hold on during the mad dash of the bus and being thrown from one side to the other. A total of five people were injured and taken to hospital.

According to the first data, the accident was caused by a failure of the bus brakes. Among the injured was the bus driver, who in his interrogation by the police testified that he pressed the brake, but the vehicle did not stop. The bus driver was released after testifying.

Watch the moment of the car accident as it was recorded by the security camera:

In the few seconds of the video, which is doing the rounds on the internet, we see the passengers unable to hold on to anything and thrown into the air.

Source: News Beast

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