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Turkey will install a navigation monitoring system in the occupied territories

Turkey will install a navigation monitoring system in the occupied territories

Until 2026 it is Turkey to install navigation monitoring system at Occupiedin order to increase its influence in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In accordance with sigmalive.comthe pseudo-state wants to protect the “Blue Homeland” doctrinewhile the signing ceremony was attended by the “prime minister” Unal Ustel and the “Minister of Public Works and Transport” Erhan Arikli.

In a speech at the ceremony, Uraloglou said that “with the Eastern Mediterranean Navigation Services System Installation project, we will increase our influence in the Eastern Mediterranean, protect our interests in our blue homeland and monitor all shipping in the seas that they surround the territorial sea and the maritime area between our countries”.

In addition, he added, in the project being developed with the aim of “tdvc”, as mentioned in the pseudo-state, to gain capacity, in the sense that the entire infrastructure will be nationalized with the software that will be developed and “we will ensure technological independence in this area” .

According to him, the project envisages three traffic monitoring stations and a navigation service center. Mr. Uraloglou stated that he will have the opportunity to “identify ships, continuously monitor and regulate navigation, transmit maritime information and general warnings to ships, control specific areas, prevent smuggling, identify accident risks and warnings, inform stakeholders in emergency situations such as accidents and fires, supporting the fight against oil pollution, exchanging meteorological data with ships when necessary.”

Source: News Beast