Turkish actress reveals that her father raped her since she was 15 years old

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The revelation of the known causes disgust Tourkalas actress Melissa Dongel how her father he raped and hit her from the age of 15 years.

According to what the 21-year-old woman describes today, her mother he disbelieved, at first, towards her daughter. Later, when he realized the truth, he told Melissa not to reveal anything to anyone.

The actress, starring in the series Elif which is also shown in Greece, spoke openly about her past, on the occasion of her attempt to claim from her father the guardianship of her minor sister.

It is noted that Dongel’s father is there in prison, for the last four years, serving a sentence for abusing his daughter and his wife. She was arrested and imprisoned while the young actress was receiving psychological support, for a long time, in order to overcome the trauma she caused her, according to media reports of her neighbor.

It is worth mentioning that Dongel’s case has taken on dimensions, as a movement #MeToo It seems to be flourishing in Turkey as well – as it happened in our country, the complaints from the workers in the spectacle are many.

Following these recent revelations, moreover, a number of artists – and not only – rush to support the 21-year-old in public, through the hashtag #You’re Not AloneMelisaDöngel (s.s. “Melissa Dongel you are not alone”), calling for a change in the legislation on abuse cases.

It is recalled that just a few days ago Turkey withdrew from the Istanbul Convention to combat violence against women, amid demonstrations by feminists and LGBTQI people.

Photo source: Instagram / melisadongel

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