Turkish analyst: Whatever the Dodecanese is, it is questionable sovereignty

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He has taken the Turkish channels and “analyzed” the status of the islands, the Treaty of Lausanne and any other issue that Turkey is trying to open, always quoting the vague arguments of the Erdogan regime.

Retired professor of Strategic Research at Altτινnbas University Eray Gutsluer, speaking on the pro-government TGRT Haber channel, said: as a few days agoreferring to the militarized islands of Greece and especially the Dodecanese and among other things said: “According to the Treaty of Lausanne, the equipment of the islands makes the sovereignty of Greece in the islands questionable. So at the moment the sovereignty of Greece in these islands is debatable “.

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Of course he did not stay there and after a while he added: “In the Dodecanese the sovereignty is questionable whether they are equipped or not, because these islands -although they did not have such a right-, were given to Greece without the will of Turkey, with an agreement in which Turkey was not part of it “, obviously ignoring international treaties.

“For many years Greece has been behaving as if it had complete sovereignty over these islands and Turkey has been late in this matter,” Gutsluer said.

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He was then taken to Haber Global, where he claimed that “Greeks can not exercise like Efes 2022”.

“I say this openly and clearly. They are doing exercises and ensuring the cooperation of the Navy, the Air Force and the Army. But they can not conduct an exercise like EFES 2022. Because they have neither the capabilities nor the characteristics for such a deterrent. I do not want to go into more details but have not reached the level reached by the Turkish armed forces “.

Petros Kranias

Source: Capital

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