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Turkish challenges in Varosia as well: Another part of the beach opens for sunbeds and umbrellas

Work for the opening of another part of the beach in the fenced area of ​​Varosi, is being carried out by the occupying authorities

According to information from KYPE, a bulldozer carried out works on Wednesday in front of the King George Hotel and up to the Oceania apartment building. Sunbeds with umbrellas have also been transported there.

There was also the Faliro restaurant, which had been demolished some time ago, after it had been half-destroyed. It is assumed that this is an area of ​​about 600 meters. This part of the beach is adjacent to the Aspelia Hotel, where older changing rooms and showers have been installed.

It is recalled that the occupying authorities opened part of the fenced city of Famagusta in October 2020. On November 15 of the same year, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan visited the Gold Coast beach, where everyone is allowed to enter.

It is noted that in 2016 and 2017, two beaches were opened in Agios Memnomas, one initially only for the members of the occupying army and later the other only for citizens of the pseudo-state and Turkey only.

Anastasiadis: An unacceptable challenge which we will certainly not leave unnoticed

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, expressed his absolute satisfaction with the way in which the Prime Minister of Greece presented the Cyprus issue during his contacts in the United States.

Speaking to reporters after his visit to the UAE Embassy where he signed the book of condolences for the death of the President, President Anastasiadis, when asked about the telephone conversation he had today with Kyriakos Mitsotakis regarding his contacts in The United States has stated that it is his meeting with President Biden, but also in a series of contacts he had with Congress and other US officials. ”

Commenting on Turkey’s reactions to Famagusta and Ankara’s annoyance with the Greek Prime Minister’s contacts with the United States, the President said that “only Ankara’s annoyance shows how well the Greek Prime Minister has handled the whole “And this is something that satisfies us completely.”

“I have been duly informed about the issue of Famagusta by those who are on duty monitoring what is happening in the occupied territories, it is a new unacceptable challenge which we will not leave unnoticed. .

Asked whether Turkey’s refusal to allow Finland and Sweden to join NATO is an opportunity, and with the contribution of Cyprus, to change the attitude of some countries towards Turkey, the President noted:

“I wish it depended on our contribution, but, unfortunately, always keeping in mind the timeless behaviors of states, the behaviors are determined primarily on the basis of the interests of each country or each coalition and then, unfortunately, on the basis of international fair enough.

However, this does not disappoint us, we will continue to insist that finally issues of principle raised for the violation of the sovereignty of one country can not ignore the same violation by another country and especially a country that constantly causes both the international community and its allies, NATO and, as it expects, its future partners, Europe “.

Source: TheTOC

Source: Capital

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