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Turkish Cypriots are divided over the European elections

Turkish Cypriots are divided over whether they should vote in Sunday’s European elections, the only electoral process in which Turkish Cypriots living outside of the occupied territories of the island, controlled by the Republic of Cyprus, are also entitled to vote. The dividing line, according to the correspondent of ertnews in Nicosia, is rather clear with the forces supporting the resolution of the Cyprus issue based on the Dizon Bicommunal Federation publicly or behind the scenes encouraging voters to exercise their right to vote in the nine special election centers that will to operate near the Green Line and the crossing points, and the forces that reject a DDO solution to urge the Turkish Cypriots not to vote considering that this undermines the so-called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and its interests. Although the exact number of Turkish Cypriots remains unknown, due to the presence of settlers and the alteration of data over time, the consensus on which the Cyprus talks are conducted is that the […]
Source: News Beast

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