Turkish Foreign Minister Provocative Attack on President of the Republic over the Statements on the Pontian Genocide

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The Turkish Foreign Ministry reacted to what it said about Pontian Hellenism with shots fired against the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

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The statement of the Turkish Foreign Minister is characterized as “unfounded” by what Mrs. Sakellaropoulou said in her greeting at the event of the official presentation of the construction plan of the World Palace of Pontian Hellenism of Sourmenon at the former Hellinikon airport.

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The President of the Republic referred to the “incurable trauma” of the Pontians and the “methodical and systematic genocide that” brought them to the path of refugee “. creating an honest and honest dialogue environment “.

The announcement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in detail:

“The unfounded statements of the Greek President Katerina Sakelaropoulou during the presentation ceremony of the construction plan of the Palace of the World Pontian Hellenism of Sourmenon at the former Hellinikon airport were accepted with regret.

These allegations do not change the fact that it was Greece that attempted to invade Anatolia, and that the Greek army committed barbaric crimes against humanity, especially against innocent civilians in the region of Western Anatolia.

We would like to remind you once again that due to these crimes, which were also recorded in the report of the Investigative Committee of the Allied Powers, in accordance with Article 59 of the Lausanne Peace Treaty, Greece was obliged to compensate the damage caused by the its acts contrary to the laws of war.

Frequent false accusations from Greece overshadow the steps to create an honest and honest dialogue environment for resolving the problems between the two countries.

Such attitudes and behaviors are incompatible with the responsibilities expected of government officials. In this context, we call on our neighbor Greece, once again, in a common sense and constructive understanding. ”

What did the PD say in its greeting about the history of Pontian Hellenism

“Its tragic end, with the methodical and systematic genocide that with persecutions, massacres, attempts at violent Islamization and unspeakable barbarism, uprooted them from their ancestral homes and brought them to the path of refuge, is an incurable trauma.” Man has. and when they cut them it hurts “, said another refugee, George Seferis” added Ms. Sakellaropoulou.

“But Pontian Hellenism transferred to Greece its dynamism and its values. The faith in the homeland, the family, the community, the traditions. Its hard work and ruthless ingenuity. Wherever Pontians settled, in its villages and cities. Macedonia and Thrace, in the settlements of the capital, despite the difficulties of integration and integration of the first generation, managed to provoke and helped to provoke Greece as well. “Isolation, nor secession. It was a factor in strengthening the common national identity,” continued the President of the Republic.

He pointed out that “the announcement of the construction of the Palace of World Pontian Hellenism of Sourmen in the Municipality of Elliniko – Argyroupolis, at the expense of Spyros Latsis, fills us with joy and emotion. “.

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