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Turkish Ministry of Energy: ‘Abdulhamit’ started the first drilling

The Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, in a post on Twitter, referred to the new Abdulhamit drilling rig and the work it is carrying out.

“With the sweat of our engineers and the prayers of our nation, our ship will be lucky and its drilling will be fruitful,” wrote Fatih Donmez of the new Turkish drilling rig, which launched yesterday Wednesday (17/8) on his first drilling at the Yorukler-1 well, while he reiterated how determined Turkey is to get good news quickly from the Mediterranean, after the positive developments in the Black Sea, and of course this could be a big draw for Recep Tayyip’s election campaign Erdogan. That is why the launching of the drilling rig, as well as its operations, are now a cinematic event in Turkey.

Petros Kranias

Source: Capital

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