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Turkish threats, Greek readiness and unacceptable revisionism

Even if the Turkish Mass Media claim that Greece is imprisoned in the confines of its own paranoid microcosm and unnecessarily and illogically considers Turkey to be a threat; What the Turkish side wants to call Greek chimeras is a reality. And they show the practices of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself, but also the Turkish rhetoric which with his permission – or even with his order – is being used by those with him, they show the tendency for propaganda, the tendency for provocations, the tendency for revisionism, threats for which Greece is constantly on its feet.

Of course, when you burn with the porridge, you also blow the yogurt, says the thymosophic people, and they are right. So when it has preceded the summer of 2020. And Turkey shows that it relies on the fact that the Europeans are generally slow in their decisions and advances its plans as they see fit, one step at a time.

Blue Homeland, which started some years ago as a doctrine, is now one of the spearheads in the ongoing Turkish aggression. The Turks have repeatedly distorted and “rewritten” the Treaty of Lausanne to their liking. While not long ago Greece was the “bad guy” arming islands that were supposed to be demilitarized, now the Turkish media has put the fact that Pserimos and Kalymnos are islands that should not even be inhabited. It’s welcome, everyone has a right to dreams, but don’t invoke a Treaty that is available for everyone to study.

Umit Yalim, former secretary general of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, told Sözcü newspaper: “Pserimos Island is already ours, these rocks are also ours, Greece should never be allowed to place flags and observatories there, the Turkish Foreign Ministry should immediately issue a memo and ensure that these flags come down.”

On the anniversary of the murder of Isaac and Solomon by Gray Wolves, a few days ago, Ankara launched the drilling rig Abdulhamit, named after the sultan of genocides, whom European public opinion had called “bloodthirsty sultan”. In addition, the escort of the ship in question had its own provocative significance, as the names of the three ships refer to the “Christmas Massacre”a controversial story of EOKA’s gruesome child murder that became an urban legend after the possibly staged photo went around the world in 1963.

What has changed in Turkey’s offensive is the fact that it is now trying to present itself as a defensive country. Every news from Greece is used in a way to show that Greece is the aggressor. Even the fact that Greece for decades has been thinking of connecting some islands with bridges, it is bad.

That is, while before the rhetoric was “you will not do anything without Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean”, as the Turkish president, the minister of energy, the minister of foreign affairs, the minister of defense, the representative of the AKP party, the representative of the of the Turkish presidency and Erdogan’s advisor, Ibrahim Kalin, now without having changed anything in practice, the argument that all this is happening because Cyprus wants to “eat the natural wealth of the Cypriot EEZ” dominates.

Whereas before the drilling rig just entered the waters that constitute the Greek EEZ and Hulusi Akar trumpeted that if Greece interferes, Turkey will respond, now the argument is that Greece is the aggressor and all actions are defensive to protect interests of Turkey.

Several months ago, Turkey led by its interior minister organized a large-scale hybrid attack against Greece. Immigrants, refugees and various settlers, agents and others, received messages on their mobile phones even in the depths of Asia Minor and boarded specially hired buses which brought them to Evros, where they camped and attacked the Greek forces.

At the same time, riots and fires broke out in various KYT on the Greek islands. Now Greece is the “bad guy” who has built a fence on the Evros and, according to the dramatic “tones” of Ankara, does not let the unfortunate people pass to Europe. Greece is the “bad guy” who supposedly re-promotes people to the Turkish shores, from where they started after all. But as the case with the 38 migrants in Evros proves, the practice of the Turks is the same.

International public opinion was once again shocked by the migrants who were abandoned on the Evros islets. But as the 38 migrants alleged, they were arrested in Turkish cities, bussed by Turkish authorities to a structure, then put on the bank of the Evros River on the Turkish side and moved three times to different entry points under the threat of violence, separated like football teams to find the gap to cross them into Greek territory.

The summer of 2022 was not as hot as that of 2020. But the whole of 2022 will probably be particularly hot for Greek-Turkish.

And that’s because Recep Tayyip Erdogan doesn’t have much time left. The 2023 elections are coming up, unless he finds a way to derail them and start a civil war. Greece is the easy argument on the lips of the Turkish government. Greece is “surrendering to the West”, to NATO and the EU, who want to destroy Turkey, says the Turkish president, wanting to keep warm the nationalist sentiment of Turkish voters, which is known to intensify when references to the Sevres syndrome are made (foreigners and especially the West want to dismember Turkey) that has been consuming the Turkish soul for a century. The Turkish economy is sinking. This is proven by a recent publication that reveals that a huge percentage of the Turkish deficit was covered by money that may have come from smuggling drugs, oil, even of Ukrainian grain. There is no official proof of the illegal actions, but as the historiographer Palaifatos wrote: “it didn’t happen, it wasn’t said”, that is, if it didn’t happen it wouldn’t be said.

Turkish threats are not the products of a “stuck” Greek mind. It is a reality that sometimes grows and sometimes relaxes just because Ankara wants to throw its weight somewhere else. Greece has successfully internationalized the issue not only because it needs its allies against the wolf in NATO’s sheep’s clothing, but because now none of the Western allies can say that they did not know, that they were not informed and generally use excuses. The countries that wish to assist Turkey in its practices and the reason for doing so are now clearly distinguishable.

Petros Kranias

Source: Capital

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