Turning to data is changing the landscape in mobile telephony

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Of Costa Ketsietzis

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Special offers with unlimited data for a specific period of time, rewards and additional packages. These are just some of the marketing practices used by telecommunications providers, which are rushing to take advantage of the growing demand of subscribers for mobile data.

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The mobile internet is gaining a central role in the design of telecommunication providers, as the use of mobile data is constantly increasing in recent years and in fact at an increasing rate. The trend is confirmed by all companies in the industry.

At Cosmote, the use of mobile data in the third quarter of 2021 (July – September) increased by 85% compared to the corresponding period of 2020 and by 70.8% compared to the previous quarter.

Data traffic on Vodafone mobile network in the July-September quarter, according to the financial results announced by the group yesterday, amounted to 59,412 terabytes (59.41 million GB), recording an increase of 77% over a year before.

Overall, in the first half of Vodafone’s financial year (April-September 2021) data usage increased by 72% compared to the same period last year and reached the “threshold” of 100,000 TB (96,758 TB) which is a historic performance,

According to data compiled by Wind’s National Network Management Center, August was a record month for mobile data traffic, especially in the week of August 15, when it increased by 122%, compared to the corresponding period of 2019 (before Covid). In August alone, data traffic on Wind’s 4G network exceeded 10,000 TB.

It is worth noting that the third quarter of the year is traditionally the best for mobile services, as among other things, roaming revenues increase due to tourism. Especially this year there was a significant increase compared to previous years, where due to the pandemic tourism declined significantly.

Another important factor that led to the increase of mobile was the offers launched by all mobile companies giving unlimited data for a period of 30 days. According to market information, the response of subscribers to these seasonal packages was very high, which is reflected in the revenue from mobile services of the previous quarter.

Regardless of the seasonal factor, however, the growth of mobile internet is stable month by month and quarter by quarter, as more and more subscribers are informed and entertained by their mobile phones.

It is characteristic that according to a recent survey by Tefficient for the use of mobile data in 44 countries in 2020, Greece recorded the third largest increase (73%) compared to 2019 in data usage which amounted to 2.7 GB per SIM per month from 1.5 GB per SIM.

Providers try to find the balance between charging per GB and total data usage to achieve the best possible result in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

And this, according to market executives, is very likely to be achieved through special offers and additional “packages” in periods when demand is expected to increase.


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Source From: Capital

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