TV series: the make-up looks of the stars of the moment

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Autumn is the perfect season for catch up with the TV shows historians whose vision has been postponed for some time or to enjoy the latest news. It’s cold outside, the desire to go out borders on zero and the triptych sofa, plaid and hot chocolate calls out.

It is useless to resist, it is better to give in to laziness and treat yourself to a few hours of well-deserved rest, which could also turn out to be a ‘excellent opportunity to rethink your make-up style.

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The protagonists TV series always have an enviable allure so if you are looking for renewal and new inspirations, why not take a cue from their make-up and try to replicate them? These are the female faces of the small screen that are making us dream the most at the moment, not only for their deeds but also for their iconic make-up.

Ready to discover them?

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Lily Collins – Emily in Paris

The new adventures in the French capital of the young woman will arrive on Netflix in December Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, but we fell in love with hers look super chic already from the first season of the series. Despite being originally from Chicago, the girl immediately showed that she fits perfectly in her new city, showing off Parisian-style make-up, very romantic and sophisticated.

To give everyone a way to replicate them in the best possible way, Lancome has created the limited edition Emily in Paris X Lancôme, inspired by the bold and decisive character of Emily and his joie de vivre.

The star of the collection is the eye palette heart shape decorated with a gold Eiffel Tower pendant. The casket contains 12 shades belonging to three color families, all super natural, inspired by the female characters of the series: Camille, Mindy and obviously Emily.

With them you can create parisian look dream, which to be truly complete certainly cannot do without mascara Monsieur Big and the iconic L ‘lipstickAbsolu Rouge Cream.

Zendaya – Euphoria

The celebrities of the moment, rising star of the new Hollywood star system, became known to the general public by playing the role of 17-year-old Rue Bennett in the HBO series in 2019, Euphoria. By giving the face of this troubled but at the same time extremely magnetic teenager, zendaya has bewitched everyone thanks to make-up look crazy and hyper bright. To make them iconic above all the tears created by some rhinestones tapped on the skin, which it sports on many occasions.

Its definitely not an everyday trick but reproduce it for a particularly glamorous party or occasion it could turn out to be the trump card.

To do this it is essential to make your own super glow complexion without sparing on the highlighter. The eye makeup must be in the foreground and to make it also bright, the ideal choice is to rely on metallic eyeshadows to blend as much as possible. An extra glam hit? Of course, some small rhinestones applied under the eyes.

Emma Mackey – Sex Education

Another girl who has literally conquered us thanks to her girl power and perfect rock make-up is Emma Mackey, or the Maeve Wiley from Sex Education.

His image during the series changes a lot and in the latest episodes available on Netflix it is undoubtedly more austere and adult than the first episodes. But we like to remember it with i pink hair and that tough girl makeup, perfect to face the days with the necessary determination.

Taking an example from her is not difficult at all. There base of Maeve and natural and without foundation. What abounds, however, is the black of mascara and pencil, used to frame the eye with a line decided both in the upper and lower rhyme eye. To act as a counterbalance, somewhat mitigating the tough image, the rosa, which colors the eyelids with a eyeshadow delicate and lips with a lipstick almost imperceptible.

Rachel Brosnahan – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Impossible, from the very first episodes, not to be enchanted by the image of Miriam Maisel, the protagonist of this series set in New York in the late 1950s. Everything about her pays homage to that period, from the feminine and colorful dresses, to the always impeccable hairstyles and, of course, to the make-up.

In this case, the primary role is played lip, almost always enhanced by a scarlet red lipstick, which sometimes gives way to a fuchsia or yet rosa more delicate but always matt. On the eyes a lot of graphic black, as required by the fashion of the period. If you are inspired by Mrs. Maisel then, intense eyeliner, mascara and lipstick they are your best friends.


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