Twenty hours of cut in Madrid for a cable: Telefónica depended on Iberdrola and this one on Civil Protection

Up to 37,000 homes were affected around the Barrio del Pilar. This morning, the mobile phone had been restored, but 6,500 fixed and fiber lines were still missing and have already recovered


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A failure in the electricity supply has left telephone cuts in the center and north of Madrid since Monday afternoon and still during this Tuesday day, a total of 20 hours of service interrupted by an electrical problem. The fault has affected 37,000 homes with lines contracted to Telefónica, in areas around the Barrio del Pilar area, where an Iberdrola switchboard is located that has stopped providing service normally.

Faced with the interruptions in the network -and the consequent complaints in 1004-, which began to be notified at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, Telefonica sent a generator truck that the operator-led by Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete has dedicated to the incidence, although always waiting for Iberdrola to solve the problem. At 02.00 in the morning, already Tuesday, the service was restored, but during the morning the faults persisted; not surprising really, since the operator’s truck could hardly provide the same power support as the interrupted plant. At 0900 hours it seemed to have recovered the service again, but it was only possible to restore completely in the case of the mobile lines. So this morning, around 6,500 fixed line or fiber line homes were still down, according to the operator’s sources consulted.

At Telefónica they expected Iberdrola to fix the problem, which would be caused by a fault in a cable that supplies electricity to the operator’s center on Melchor Fernández Almagro street. Since Iberdrola sent a generator on Monday night, but they found it impossible to access that center, given the presence of snow and ice. Faced with this scenario, Telefonica mobilized a generator set.

At Telefonica they looked at Iberdrola and this in turn at Civil Protection. The generator set did not enter due to the effects of Filomena, Iberdrola explained to this newspaper, “but the Civil Protection teams” were striving to remove the “ice from the access to be able to connect it”, they narrated in the electric company.

The Iberdrola generator set, in fact, moved to the vicinity of the Telefonica center last night, they say at Iberdrola, but in reality it has been able to be used until 2:00 pm on Tuesday, according to affected sources consulted. “The storm Filomena left snow and ice in the vicinity of this center, so the Energy Control Center managed to clean up the area with 112. Since 1:20 in the morning, Madrid City Council teams have worked on removing snow and ice”, they express from the energy company chaired by Ignacio Sanchez Galan.

Since the Iberdrola generator has accessed, with higher power, since this afternoon, Telefónica is transferring supply from yours, to completely put an end to the incident, although the power station service continues to be cut off.

The cable in question has affected users in the center and north of Madrid, especially around the Pilar neighborhood, where the power company headquarters are located, but other areas such as the Dehesa de la Villa.

In these circumstances, the operator sent its customers an SMS to inform them of this eventuality and the setting up of a free unlimited data voucher on the phone for seven days, since the company has prioritized this mobile service over the landline and your clients could always get a connection to the network using that device.

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