Twins surprise everyone: they have different skin and hair colors

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When we think of twins, we always imagine that they must be completely identical, that is why when little David and Daniel were born, both their parents and the doctors were surprised, because one of them is dark and the other is albino.

Stacy and Babajide Omirin, residents of Lagos, Nigeria, awaited the arrival of their children in the company of their daughter Demilade, then four years old,
but when they were born, they all got a big surprise.

Nobody expected it

Twins David and Daniel

We did not know about their differences while she was pregnant. The scan showed no such thing, so it was a big surprise. The most surprising moment was when the first twin (Daniel) came out with black hair and the second (David) was born with golden hair.

-Stacy a Bored Panda

Same features, different color

Twins David and Daniel

David has albinism, an inherited genetic disorder caused by mutations in different genes that result in the absence or reduction of pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes.

It’s all about genetics

Twins David and Daniel

This curious case is due to the fact that the siblings have different genetic information. According to doctors, when a baby is born with autosomal recessive albinism it means that the gene is altered because both parents are carriers of this genetic mutation.

They do not go unnoticed

Twins David and Daniel

Stacy relates that despite living in Nigeria, an African country where albinism occurs in one in every 20,000 babies, David has never suffered any type of teasing or pointing out. Of course, every time someone sees the little ones together they are surprised. Follow these cute twins on their Instagram account.

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