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Twitter Officially Launches Bitcoin Tipping System


Twitter has announced support for Bitcoin payments to reward users. While the feature is available in the iOS client, it will soon be available on Android.

Twitter has integrated support for a wallet for the Lightning Network called Strike, as the Bitcoin network scaling solution can significantly reduce transaction fees, which is very important for small payments. Plus, transactions through the Lightning Network are almost instantaneous.

“We want every Twitter user to have a wide variety of payment options. Digital currencies encourage more people to participate in economic activities, make it much easier for them to send money to each other across state borders, and we are happy about that, ” a statement companies.

To enable support for “tips” for their Twitter account, the user needs to activate the Tips system in the profile settings and add the wallet address. In this case, the user must be over 18 years old and comply with the rules established by the company.

The fact that Twitter is testing support for “tips” in bitcoins became known at the beginning of the month. Twitter has also added support for GoFundMe and PicPay, in addition to the seven payment platforms it already supports.



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