Two children are vaccinated with immunization for adults in Rio de Janeiro

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Two children were mistakenly vaccinated with Pfizer immunizers for adults in Rio de Janeiro. The cases took place earlier this week in Santa Cruz, on the west side of the state capital. The municipal secretary of Health, Daniel Soranz, confirmed the error. He explained that the same professional applied the adult doses to the children because of the proximity of their birthday: one would be 12 years old ten days after the application and the other, seven days after the vaccination. “The two children were very close to completing twelve years, the vaccinator thought that, therefore, she could make the adult vaccine. We always ask that, if you haven’t turned twelve yet, have an eleven-year-old vaccine, even if it’s only a few days,” recalled Soranz.

The secretary advised that parents keep an eye on the time of immunization of children between five and eleven years. “It is important to show that orange band on the label at the time of vaccination. Pfizer’s immunizer is different from the adult vaccine, which has a pinkish color, so it’s very important to check it out at the time of vaccination”, he recalled.

The children were monitored by the Municipal Health Department and are doing well. The professional was terminated from her duties. “We consider this an immunization error, even if there are very few days left, it is to turn twelve years old. We consider that the professional can no longer continue in our health system. It cannot happen,” concluded Soranz.

Vaccination errors in Paraíba

The two cases are the first recorded in Rio de Janeiro, so far. However, about 60 children in Paraíba were mistakenly given overdue and adult vaccines. The state health department reported that vaccinated children had mild reactions, such as fever and pain at the injection site. The case is being investigated by the Federal Public Ministry of Paraíba and accompanied by the National Health Surveillance Agency and the Ministry of Health.

The story came to light after a mother posted on social media a video of her children’s vaccination card with the information that they were immunized against the coronavirus in early January, before the correct doses of the childhood vaccine arrived in Brazil.

Ministry of Health investigates errors in vaccination of children and adolescents

The Ministry of Health asked the states and the Federal District for clarification on the vaccination records of children and adolescents registered by the federative units in the folder systems. Data indicate that at least 3.6 million adolescents between 12 and 17 years old were vaccinated before the proper release of vaccines for this age group.

In addition, records show that 35,700 children were vaccinated with an immunizing agent other than the one approved by Anvisa. According to information received by the Ministry of Health, 14,500 children were vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, 20,000 with Coronavac and 1,200 children with the Janssen single-dose immunizer. The recommendation is that the pediatric version of the Pfizer vaccine be used in children between 5 and 11 years old.

The records also show that 2,400 children between zero and four years old were immunized with the Pfizer vaccine. However, there is no immunizer approved by Anvisa for this public.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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