Two cities that steal the show from above

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Most cities they may not have been designed with space in mind, but some of them create incredible designs that can only be truly appreciated from above. Two of them, in fact, if viewed from a great height give the impression of an airplane or a star.

Brazil, Brazil

Χάρτης από τη Μπαζίλια, πρωτεύουσα της ΒραζιλίαςΧάρτης από τη Μπαζίλια, πρωτεύουσα της ΒραζιλίαςMap of Basilia, capital of Brazil

There are many interesting settlements in the world, but Brasilia is unique. Its capital Brazil is one of the strangest cities in the world if viewed from above. From space, for example, it looks like birdor with airplaneOr with him Superman! Brasilia was built almost entirely in 41 months, at great cost, and opened in April 1960. It was intended to be a more central, neutral capital for the country, whose former capital, the Rio de Janeirowas located on the southeast coast in the middle of much of the country’s commercial activity.

Today, the wider metropolitan area of ​​Brasilia almost hosts 4 million people while is one of the largest cities in the world built after 1900. Planning policies, such as the placement of residential buildings around large urban areas, as well as the construction of the city around major boulevards and its division into sectors, have caused debate and reflection on life in the major cities of the 20th century.

The design of the city divides it into numbered building blocks as well as in sectors for specific activitiessuch as the hotel sector, the banking sector or the embassy sector.

Burtange, The Netherlands

In its northeastern part Ολλανδίαςthere is a tiny village built in star shapethat if one sees it from above one wonders about it perfect shape and geometric of motif. The reason for Burtanz, just a stone’s throw from the German border, was built in 1593 and was used until 1851. It is essentially a fortresswhich was later turned into a village, maintaining it perfectly pentagonal shape and its geometric pattern. Although it never really flourished as a political settlement. Today, the entire architectural ensemble is open to visitors as a museum.

The fortress was originally built in 1593 during the Dutch Rebellion – when the Netherlands was at war with Spain. At that time, the Dutch city of Groningen was controlled by Spanish forces and relied on trade routes flowing from Germany. To block this supply chain, the Dutch army took control of the area around Burtanj and set up a state-of-the-art fortress. This little one, rural settlement revolves around the main market square, which has many shops, cafes and restaurants.


Source: News Beast

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