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Two dead after shootings at a psychiatric hospital in the US – Among them the perpetrator

A gunman stormed a New Hampshire psychiatric hospital on Friday USA and opened fire in the reception room, mortally wounding a man. A police officer on duty at the hospital returned fire and the assailant fell deadaccording to a statement from the local police department.

Authorities were alerted on Friday afternoon at a New Hampshire psychiatric hospital, where a man opened fire on several people and according to the first information of the American media there were “multiple victims” while the suspect was neutralized.

According to CBS, the New Hampshire Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management said in a social media post: “We are aware of the situation unfolding at the New Hampshire hospital. The police are on the scene and responding.”

A few minutes later, the department reported that “the situation at New Hampshire Hospital has been contained. Investigations continue while the suspect is dead.”

In a statement shortly before 5pm (local time, 12 midnight Greek time), Governor Chris Soununou said the incident had been contained. “While the scene remains active as the campus is cleared, the suspect is dead. The state mobilized immediately and the first responders and the forces of the law are at the scene. We will provide as many details as possible as this situation unfolds.”

The New Hampshire Hospital is the state psychiatric hospital, located in the state capital.

The shooting took place in the hospital lobby, according to New Hampshire State Police Superintendent Col. Mark Hall. All patients are safe, he said.

The victim of the gunman was given first aid on the spot and then transported by ambulance to another hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

The motive of the attacker remains unclear so far.

Source: News Beast

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