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Two-headed snake is the newest attraction at a Conservation Center in the USA

A two-headed snake named Tiger-Lily is the latest attraction at the Burr Oak Woods Nature Center in Blue Springs, United States.

Becky Plumberg, who works there, says the snake “is kind of a celebrity.”

The nearly seven-year-old two-headed western rat snake was on loan from the Shepard of the Hills Preserve in Branson. The animal is touring different cities in Missouri.

The first stop was at the Burr Oak Woods Nature Center, in Blue Springs in the United States.

Plumberg explains that the work was found at a young age by two boys. “They found it below deck and realized it was something special.”, he said.

The employee adds that the animal is rare. “Usually in the wild they won’t survive because the two heads compete for food,” she explains.

Western rat snakes are common in Missouri and can live to be 30 years old and up to 6 feet long, according to the Conservation Center.

Plumberg also says that he needs to feed both heads of the snake “so that one of them doesn’t think it’s stressed and not eating.”

A successful attraction at the Conservation Center, the employee explains its popularity: “It’s really cool, how many times do you see a two-headed snake sticking its tongue out at you?”

Source: CNN Brasil

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