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Two members of Hezbollah were killed in Lebanon by an Israeli missile

Two Hezbollah members were killed and a civilian was injured when an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) hit a car in southern Lebanon's Tire region. According to information from Lebanese officials cited by the Xinhua news agency, an air-to-surface missile fired by an Israeli UAV hit a car on the road connecting Qana to Ramadiya, killing the occupants. One of the two dead is – according to the same source – Ali Fauzi Ayub, a member of Hezbollah from Tire and the son of Fauzi Ayub, a leader of the movement who was killed in Syria in May 2014. Since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas on October 7, there have been almost daily hostilities between the Israeli army and Lebanon's Hezbollah, which supports the Palestinian Islamist movement. Since then, Israeli strikes in Lebanon have killed 465 people, of whom 293 have been confirmed as Hezbollah fighters and 86 civilians, […]
Source: News Beast

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