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Two people are arrested in SP on suspicion of embezzling donations to RS

The Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul arrested, this Wednesday (15), two people for diverting donations via PIX initially intended for the Government of Rio Grande do Sul to combat the floods that are ravaging the state.

The two suspects are part of a group from Santo André (SP) made up of two men, a woman and a teenager. Criminals would have created pages on social networks posing as the official profile of the Rio Grande do Sul government to publicize PIX keys of individuals and receive undue donations.

According to the police, the group began carrying out scams in the first days of the calamity and, therefore, misled a significant number of people. In good faith, they thought they were contributing to the flood victims, but they were victims of the criminals.

In addition to the two arrests, three more search and seizure warrants were executed and some bank accounts were blocked.

Aged between 17 and 45 years old, the suspects have a criminal record for crimes such as robbery, illegal possession of a firearm, theft and drug trafficking.

Operation Moral Flood

The Civil Police, through operation Dilúvio Moral, is seeking to combat fraud, scams and attacks on public utility services during this period of calamity in Rio Grande do Sul.

To date, the corporation has identified more than 50 cases of this type. In 70% of these cases, the suspects have already been identified. The rest have already opened police investigations and are awaiting further investigations.

Furthermore, the police claim to have already removed 15 criminal pages and blocked five bank accounts, which prevented the diversion of tens of thousands of reais intended for the people of Rio Grande do Sul.

*(Under the supervision of Felipe Andrade)

Source: CNN Brasil

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