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Two planes collide and runway closes in Tokyo

A collision between two commercial airliners caused the closure of one of the four runways at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, around 11 am on Saturday, public broadcaster NHK reported, citing the transport ministry. No one was hurt.

Footage broadcast by NHK showed the Eva Airways and Thai Airways jets on the runway, with no visible damage.

Some flights were delayed at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. There were no injuries, public broadcaster NHK and one of the airlines said, but the incident led to the closure of one of the airport’s four runways at around 11 am.

The broadcaster showed footage of jets from Taiwan’s Eva Airways and Taiwan’s Thai Airways on the ground. Part of the Thai Airways plane’s wing appeared to be broken off, and what appeared to be fragments could be seen near the runway.

Thai Airways said its Bangkok-bound flight was on a taxiway preparing for takeoff when a wing – a part on the tip of its plane’s right wing – collided with the rear of an Eva aircraft that was also in flight. a taxi lane.

The collision damaged the Thai plane’s wing, which prevented it from operating the flight, the airline said. The Airbus A330 aircraft carried 250 passengers and 14 crew.

Japan’s Transport Ministry did not respond to a request for comment. Thai Airways said Japan’s civil aviation authority was investigating the incident. Eva did not comment on the case.

Source: CNN Brasil

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