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Two women are led to the gallows in Iran, where executions are multiplying

Seven people, including two women, were hanged in Iran on Saturday as the Islamic Republic escalates its use of the death penalty for political purposes, according to the Norway-based non-governmental organization IHR (Iran Human Rights). Parvin Mousavi, 53, a mother of two, was hanged in a prison in Urmia (northwest), as were five men. All six had been convicted of drug trafficking, the IHR said in a statement. In Nissapur (east), Fateme Abdullahi, 27, was hanged after being convicted of murdering her husband, who was also her cousin, the NGO added in a separate statement. The IHR counts 223 executions so far this year, 50 of which took place within the current month. It finds an acceleration in executions after the end of the New Year and Ramadan celebrations in April. In general, executions in Iran, which along with China and Saudi Arabia are among the countries that carry out the most in the world, are […]
Source: News Beast

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