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Two-year-old boy swallowed eight animal vaccination needles

A two-year-old boy swallowed eight needles in Peru with the intervention of doctors fortunately being immediate and successful.

At first the needles were located by x-rays inside his digestive system. Two were already dangerously close to his colon and bladder, while another had damaged his small intestine.

Surprised doctor Efrain Salazar stated that “when we operated on the child we found these metal pieces inside him and found that they were really needles”.

Local media, citing the Reutersthey report that the needles in question are used to vaccinate animals on a farm where the boy’s mother works.

The boy, who lives in the farming area of ​​Taratopo, apparently he swallowed the needles while playing on the farm. The child is now out of danger and recovering from surgery, while authorities are investigating child neglect.

Source: News Beast

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