Tyler Winklevoss: Us Will Never Outlaw Bitcoin

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Despite the fact that the US authorities have been tightening control over the cryptosphere over the past few years, they are unlikely to ban Bitcoin. This point of view is shared by Tyler Winklevoss, one of the co-founders of the Gemini exchange.

Talking to podcaster Peter McCormack, Winklevoss emphasized that the situation today is very similar to that of 2013. It was then, against the backdrop of the emerging cryptocurrency industry, that the question of regulating relations in this area arose.

Gemini co-founder said:


I think the US will never outlaw bitcoin. Too many precedents have emerged in the course of the lawsuits.


In the United States, a large number of public companies have emerged with a focus on the cryptosphere. Their activities are regulated by supervisory authorities. For example, Gemini is overseen by the New York City Department of Financial Services.

Crypto companies create jobs and participate in the development of the economy. The US authorities are well aware of this, so the ban on BTC and the blockchain industry in general is most likely already impossible, summed up Tyler Winklevoss.

Note that the co-founders of the Gemini exchange Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are on the list of the richest businessmen associated with the cryptosphere.

They have repeatedly stated that in the future, Bitcoin will be able to bypass gold in terms of capitalization

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