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Type 2 diabetes: doctors cure transplant patient in China

Doctors in Shanghai, China, said they managed to cure type 2 diabetes, for the first time in history, using an experimental treatment. The information was released by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission last Monday (13).

The patient who benefited, a 59-year-old man whose name was not disclosed, had lived with the disease for 25 years and received a pancreatic islet cell transplant (a set of cells that produce hormones responsible for glycemic control).

During the process, he was weaned off insulin for 33 months, according to Shanghai Changzheng Hospital.

This is the first reported case in the world of a case of type 2 diabetes, with severely impaired pancreatic islet function, being cured through transplantation, the health unit also said.

An article about the medical breakthrough achieved after more than a decade of efforts by a team of hospital doctors was published in Cell Discovery magazine website on April 30.

*Published by Pedro Jordão, from CNN in Sao Paulo

Source: CNN Brasil

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