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U.S. Senate voted for small-scale corona measures next week Democracy rejects administration

The US Republican Party Secretary of State Mitch McConnell announced on the 13th that he will vote on small-scale economic measures against the new coronavirus at the plenary session. On the 19th of next week, when the recess is open, the company plans to adopt a $ 500 million support measure that utilizes the remaining funds of the SME support measure “Salary Protection Program (PPP)”.

Following a deadlock in talks over a comprehensive corona economic stimulus bill, the Trump administration has called on Congress to pass a small corona economic stimulus package.

On this day, President Trump tweeted that the measures against corona should be “realized or go home !!!” and demanded that Congress adopt it. However, there is still a deep gap between the ruling and opposition parties regarding measures against corona, and it is unlikely that a bipartisan agreement will be reached before the US presidential election on November 3.

Democratic Speaker of the House Pelosi said today that he had rejected the $ 1.8 trillion additional corona economic plan presented by the Trump administration last week, saying in a letter to Democrats, “Unfortunately, President Trump’s proposal. Has significantly fallen short of the support needed in the wake of a pandemic and a severe recession. ” “Many improvements are needed to make up for the flaws in Mr. Trump’s proposal,” he said.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that he was “one step forward and two steps back”, but he remains optimistic that he will open the door to the possibility of continuing discussions and reach an agreement. I said that.

“All Trump wants is to be given a check with his name printed on it before the presidential election and the market to rise,” he said. “Rapid and meaningful action is more urgent than ever. The actions of President Trump are shameful in the face of the challenge. “

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