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U.S. Supreme Court personnel hearing begins, democracy criticizes Obamacare as a threat

Amy Barrett, who was nominated by US President Donald Trump as a judge of the Federal Supreme Court, began hearings at the Senate Judiciary Committee on the 12th. Barrett’s nomination poses a threat to the Medical Insurance System Reform Act (Obamacare) in the new Corona Virus, and blamed the Republican Party for approval just before the presidential election.

The public hearing will be held for four days from this day. Barrett’s nomination is unlikely to be rejected by the Republican-dominated Senate, but Democrats have expressed opposition. If Barrett succeeds the liberal Ginsburg, he will become a conservative majority 6 to 3, which could lead to the withdrawal of the right to abortion and the expansion of the right to possess a gun.

Barrett has also criticized the 2012 Supreme Court ruling in favor of Obamacare.

Harris said the approval process for the upcoming presidential election was “unjustified,” and Barrett said, “it robs millions of people of health care under a pandemic that has already lost more than 214,000 Americans.” Pointed out. “The Republicans deliberately ignore the will of the people and retreat the rights and protections offered under Obamacare, saying the majority of Americans want the winner of the presidential election to nominate a Supreme Court judge. I’m trying to make you. “

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Ted Cruz argued that the Democratic Party is paying close attention to policies such as health care and is not discussing Mr. Barrett’s qualifications as Supreme Court judge.

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