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U2 as you’ve never heard them before

Stongs of Surrender (Island Records and Interscope) is the mammoth work of U2 of the last two years. Collection curated and produced by The Edgereproposes the great successes of the band led by Bono Vox who in his forty-year career has indelibly marked the world music world. With Or Without You, one, beautiful day, **Sunday Bloody Sunday **And invisible, among others, offering the listener a new look for each track. New arrangements and in some cases new lyrics.

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«Music allows you to travel through time, and we became curious to find out what it would be like to bring some of our early songs with us into the present, giving them a 21st century guise.» commented The Edge. A work that started from the essential elements of the tracks, to give new intimacy to songs that were designed for live performances. The album thus consists of four separate discs, each of which is named after one of the members of the band. Larry, Adam, Bono, The Edge, who adds «Listening to the songs interacting with each other, and finding the order of the four albums was very exciting. Finding the most amazing passages, having the opportunity to do like a Dj. Once the 4 different albums were decided it was easy to decide who should represent each of them». The band will then inaugurate the MSG Sphere, the most avant-garde venue in the world inside the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. A special concert series marking the band’s first outing in four years, following the hugely successful The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary stadium tour, seen by over 3.2 million fans worldwide, and indoor tour eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE of 2018 which had an audience of 1 million viewers between Europe and North America. However, Larry Mullen Jr will not be there due to surgery and subsequent convalescence, replaced by the drummer Bram van den Berg who will join Bono, The Edge and Adam Clayton on stage. Travel companions say: «We will do our best to tackle the Sphere without our partner on drums, but Larry joined us in welcoming Bram van den Berg who is a force in his own right». Space therefore for celebration, technology, innovation, retracing their history.

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Thasup feat Tedua – Tell me what

Negramaro Elisa Jovanotti – Diamonds

Baustelle – Milan is the metaphor of love


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