UAE: Abu Dhabi working to send ambassador to Iran, opposes anti-Iranian alliance

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The United Arab Emirates is working to send an ambassador to Tehran as it seeks to rebuild relations with Iran, a diplomatic adviser to the country’s president said today, adding that Abu Dhabi does not support the idea of ​​a confrontational approach with Tehran.

The Emirates began reaching out to Iran in 2019 after attacks on tankers in the Gulf and on Saudi energy facilities, and the two sides have since engaged in direct talks.

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The Emirates Climate Change Minister was in Tehran earlier this week.

“Our talks are continuing (…) we are in the process of sending an ambassador to Tehran,” Anwar Gargas explained, speaking to reporters ahead of a visit by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the Emirates, to Paris.

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Abu Dhabi shares concerns about Iran’s regional activities but is willing to work hard to find diplomatic solutions, he added.

When asked about the possibility of forming an alliance against Iran, Gargas replied that the creation of a NATO-like organization in the Middle East is a “theoretical” plan and that for Abu Dhabi confrontation is not an option.

“The Emirates will not join any group of countries that consider confrontation as a political direction, but we have serious issues with Iran because of its regional policy,” he stressed.

However, the Emirates could join an alliance that would protect the country from drones and missiles, provided it does not target a third country.

Source: Capital

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