Uber BY 4.55.0

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Uber BY – a smart application for ordering cars, in which the cost and route of the trip are immediately visible. Just indicate where you want to go and don’t worry about parking, gas stations or transfers.

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Features of the Uber BY app:

  • Affordable and transparent rates in the Uber BY app. Uber X is all about inexpensive everyday rides. For a comfortable ride in a spacious cabin, choose Uber SELECT.
  • Convenient payment methods. Pay for trips in cash or with a card linked to the application.
  • Routes with stops. You can specify several stops per trip and stop by a store or give a ride to a friend on the way home. When ordering a taxi, indicate several addresses at once: the Uber BY app will build a full route for the driver, and it will show you the cost in advance. Currently, you can enter a maximum of three addresses in one trip.
  • Travel history. If you forgot an umbrella or a scarf in the car, you can call the driver directly from the application – during the day his number is stored in the travel history. There you can also see the taxi number from where and where you went yesterday, last weekend or a month ago. And if the past is not interesting to you, trips can always be removed from history.
  • Favorite and comfortable places. Addresses and even a point on the map can be added to favorites. They are fixed in the “Where” line in the form of buttons – click on the desired one and do not waste time entering the address. And the application itself tells you where it is better to order a taxi – usually these are places within two or three minutes of walking, but starting the route from there is faster and more profitable.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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