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Udine, 56 year old dying for trying to defend an injured man

Struggle between life and death in the intensive care unit. Shimpei Tominaga, 56 years old, Japanese domiciled for some time in Udine, where he deals with imports and exports, on Friday night he was brutally attacked for defending an injured and fleeing man.

Shimpei Tominaga was having dinner in a club, Very good Kebabin the heart of the city, together with two Italian friends when, in the restaurant, a stranger entered who was dripping blood. He had just had an argument with five men aged between 20 and 30, who had arrived in Udine from Veneto. When the attackers reached him in the club, according to the Veneto MessengerTominaga and his friends would have tried to calm down the five attackers, in particular the one who was trying to attack the man who had taken refuge in the club again.

Shimpei Tominaga allegedly pushed him into the street and told him: «Come on, stop it. Can’t you see he’s already hurt?», but the attacker hit him in the face too. The Japanese hit his head on the edge of the pavement and suffered multiple skull fractures. He was immediately transported to the Santa Maria della Misericordia hospital, but his condition is very serious.

Meanwhile, the police tracked down and arrested the five attackers, all drunk: some have previous convictions and the charges against them involve very serious injuries (but they could get even worse if Tominaga’s condition worsens). They are the twenty-year-olds Samuele Battistella, from Mareno di Piave and Daniel Wedam, from Conegliano; then Abdallah Djouamaa, 22 years old, also from Conegliano; Ivan Boklac, 29, Ukrainian resident in Pescara, like his compatriot Oleksandr Vitaliyovjch Petrov, 30.

They would also be nailed by the footage from the video surveillance cameras and the cell phone footage taken by some witnesses.

Shimpei Tominaga sells furniture from Japan, where his wife and son live, who immediately left to join him.

This tragic event has reignited the debate on public safety and the need for more effective prevention interventions episodes of gratuitous violence. The dem deputy Debora Serracchiani expressed her indignation, asking an exemplary sentence for the attackers and a greater commitment of the institutions to guarantee the safety of citizens.

Source: Vanity Fair

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