UFPI regrets the death of a 22-year-old student, found unconscious in “calourada”

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The Federal University of Piauí (UFPI) issued a note of condolence this Sunday (29), in view of the death of student Janaína da Silva Bezerra, aged 22, in Teresina. The young woman was found unconscious last Saturday morning, after a reception event for university freshmen.

“With immense sadness, the Higher Administration of the Federal University of Piauí (UFPI) communicates and deeply regrets the death of student Janaina da Silva Bezerra, from the Journalism Course, this Saturday (28), after participating in a student party, at the headquarters premises. from the Central Directory of Students (DCE), at the Natural Sciences Center (CCN), on the Teresina Campus”, says the note.

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“The Institution sympathizes with the student’s family and friends and expresses sincere condolences on the tragic event.”

The UFPI declared official mourning for three days.

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The student was found unconscious by security guards at the institution, located in the Ininga neighborhood, east of Teresina, and was allegedly taken to the Hospital da Primavera, in the north of the capital, but died before receiving medical attention.

According to a report by the Legal Medicine Institute of Teresina (IML), there are indications that Janaina would have been a victim of sexual violence. The cause of death was “spinal cord trauma by blunt action”, that is, there was a contusion in the spine at the cervical level, which caused an injury to the spinal cord.

The coroner in charge of the case said that the “blunt action may have been caused by blowing, twisting or traumatizing the spine”. Another possibility investigated is the action of the hands on the victim’s neck, “with the intention of killing or suffocating, falling, fighting”.

The Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP) investigates the incident, conducting interviews, examinations and expertise at the crime scene. The police inquiry will be completed within ten days.

Suspect alleges ‘consensual sex’

The Civil Police requested the preventive arrest of the main suspect in the crime, who is in custody hearing for the crimes of femicide and rape. In the statement, the accused stated that he already knew the victim and would have “stayed” on other occasions.

The suspect alleges that, around 2 am, he would have invited the young woman to one of the classrooms, where “they had consensual sex”. The victim would have been unconscious on two occasions, the last one around 4:00 am, whereupon he would have remained next to her body throughout the night. He then claims to have requested help from university security around 9 am.

THE CNN , the delegate responsible for the case said that the suspect is a master’s student in mathematics at UFPI, and that the victim was found in the room of the Graduate Program in Mathematics. At the scene, blood was found at the entrance to the room, as well as on a table and a mattress.

In view of the information disclosed by the IML and DHPP, the UFPI issued a new notein which he “explains, with deep indignation, repudiation of the violence committed against student Janaina da Silva Bezerra, who also attacks each of the women who make up the ufp community, as well as everyone who today puts himself in the place of speech of one of them ”.

“Speaking for Janaína is not accepting any type of aggression against women, it is working so that the fight against this violence results in a change in the sexist culture scenario on which such attitudes are based. It’s not accepting that the strength of a male body prevails over a female body. It means not cowering in the face of acts of violence of any kind.”

The UFPI’s Central Directory of Students (DCE) issued a note of condolence through Instagram and invited an invitation to a vigil in honor of the victim, which should take place on Monday (30).

Source: CNN Brasil

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