The UK Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has warned UK citizens about emails from fake lawyers that contain ransom demands in Bitcoin.

The UK’s legal watchdog has revealed a new scam targeting UK citizens, with fraudsters posing as legitimate solicitors sending out emails stating that they are collecting legal evidence against the victim.

The scammers offer to close a lawsuit in exchange for bitcoins. If they refuse, they threaten potential victims with public disclosure of incriminating information and personal data. In addition, the emails contain a link to a wallet that may be malicious.

The SRA reminded that Bitcoin extortion is not a new phenomenon in England. Thus, in 2020, UK website owners who used the Google AdSense program in their work became the targets of a similar attack.

The SRA advises people to exercise due diligence before taking any action and to contact the agency directly if they receive such correspondence.

At the beginning of the year, the cryptocurrency publication Decrypt warned its users that after hacking an account in the email newsletter service, attackers carried out a mass mailing of phishing letters about a fake distribution of DECRYPT tokens.